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"Blue Windy Dreams" by RenO 

Interior by wuttichai1983

B2B or Bridges To Bronzeville is a platform for artists, in the Chicagoland area, who are looking to display their work.   If you are a musician, dancer, sculptor, painter, etc. and are interested in collaborating, feel free to contact us to be part of the B2B community.  If you are a collector or admirer of art,  browse the gallery to view unique recent work on rotation.  Also, there is a SUBMISSION FORM below if you are interested in future events, artist updates, or exhibits.   We offer affordable reproductions and smaller original art at the RENOWORKS CHICAGO SHOP.  Hope to see you soon, and look forward to bringing art to you and your community!

Now Available

"The Flow Below" 2023

Limited Print
8 x 8 "


"The Flow Below" is a vibrant and expressive live painting  by Chicago artist, RenO Franczek, that captures the underground energy of the city.  It was created in 2010 and sold on the streets in Bucktown shortly after.   With its unique composition and eye-catching style, this print is an ideal addition to any modern art collection.

"Eye On The Target" 2022

15 x 12.5"



"Abstract Mindset" 2022

Acrylic, PLA, and foil on Canvas 
6 3/4 x 9"

A small green character stands in the foreground with eyes made of flowers.  From his head extends lines of thought that arch over and swirl into black abstraction.  In addition, there are 3D printing elements and dripped paint.


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Pitted ONEKO
00:00 / 04:48

Adult and Child Classes Available

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(773) 294 -9195

renoworks chicago

 511 W 38th Street

Chicago, IL 60609



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