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B2B or Bridges To Bronzeville is a platform for artists, in the Chicagoland area, who are looking to display their work.   If you are a musician, dancer, sculptor, painter, or whatever and are interested in collaborating, please feel free to contact us to be part of the B2B community.  If you are a collector or admirer of art, please visit the artists' portfolio below to discover each artist's unique vision.  Also, there is a submission form below if you are interested in future events, artist updates, or exhibits.   Please visit our shop that rotates original and reproductions of works that directly benefit each artist and the B2B COLLECTIVE.  We hope to see you soon, and look forward to bringing art to our communities!

"Flowers Of The Pandemic"

To be overburdened by the paradigm of chaos and perfection would be detrimental. We must understand how to work and survive within this context and not to be burdened by the chaos, but work within this, to compose and achieve our goals. These paintings are justification to overcome these obstacles with a unique set of compositions and relations of materials, colors, shapes, and applications. Chaos or perfection? Maybe neither, except a little more reliance on the unknown. 

The series strived to eliminate the paint brush and relied on experimental processes related to Jackson Pollock or Gerhard Richter. Most of the paint was dripped, molded, and formed separately on panes of glass and then carefully removed and applied to works over a period of two years. With the concept of control always at the forefront, there are varying degrees of inclusion and exclusion playing in the compositions. Some applications are customized and forced into relation with intention, where as others were saved from discard and subconsciously brought to life. 

If you break and artist’s hand, he’ll find a way to make the work. . If you take away his paint brush, it eventually gets replaced. What we see is ultimately the artist mind displayed before you with all it’s energies, inconsistencies, and persistence. 


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